Driving Courses

I offer a comprehensive range of driving courses for those with varying degrees of driving experience and education, helping you develop the skills that you require.

Beginner Driving Lessons Farnborough

Beginner Driving Lessons Farnborough

You’ve never driven a car before but you want to learn? These are the lessons for you. I can teach you everything you need to know in order to become a confident and competent driver. From your very first time in the driver’s seat to the moment I get to congratulate you on passing your test, I’ll be with you every step of the way – and I’ll even make sure we have some fun during the process!

Part Trained Driving Lessons

If you’ve had some previous experience learning how to drive and are looking for a driving instructor in Farnborough to continue your lessons I’m here to help. Maybe you weren’t happy with your previous instructor or you had lessons years ago but had to stop because life got in the way? Whatever your reason for continuing your learning experience with me I’m confident that I’m the right person to complete your transformation into a fully-fledged master of the road.

Part Trained Driving Lessons Farnborough
Intensive Driving Courses Farnborough

Intensive Driving Courses

For those who need to learn how to drive in a hurry I offer intensive driving courses. You will benefit from all of the fantastic teaching methods and resources as my other students, it will just be packed into a shorter period of time. We will discuss your specific needs and desired time scale then put together a schedule of lessons to ensure you have the driving skills you require by the time you need them.

Confidence Building

Driving a car can be a daunting prospect and many people suffer from a lack of confidence which can affect their driving ability. I have a huge amount of experience in turning even the most nervous of drivers into incredibly confident users of the road. If you’re looking for an instructor who can provide patient driving lessons in Farnborough to help you overcome your confidence issues whilst learning at a pace that suits you, Gavin House driving instructor is the answer.

confidence building Farnborough
test rescue Farnborough

Test Rescue

Failed your test numerous times and just don’t know what’s going wrong or how to fix it? Don’t panic, you’re definitely not the first person to find themselves in this position. I have had many learner drivers reach out to me to assist them in getting across the finishing line and pass their test. It’s often the case that their previous instructor wasn’t teaching them in a way that suited them. Sometimes it’s simply a lack of confidence causing them to panic and make mistakes. Regardless of the reason behind your struggles during the test, I can identify

the issue and work with you on overcoming it, ensuring you have what it takes to finally get that licence.

Pass Plus

The Pass Plus course is for those who have passed their test but want to further improve their driving skills. It covers some aspects that you may not have experienced during your regular driving lessons including motorway driving, driving at night and driving in all weather conditions. This 6-hour course will help you gain more driving experience whilst ensuring you’re fully prepared for driving in any environment. Completion of the Pass Plus course also qualifies you for discounts with many insurers, which is particularly beneficial for younger drivers.

Those living in Farnborough and throughout Hampshire can also receive a £75 discount towards their Pass Plus course courtesy of a scheme run by Hampshire City Council.

pass plus Farnborough
motorway lessons Farnborough

Motorway Driving Lessons Farnborough

Having to drive on a motorway can be a scary experience for many drivers, especially those with little or no experience in doing so. I can provide specialist motorway driving lessons during which you’ll realise that there’s really nothing to be worried about. We will cover every aspect of driving on a motorway including how to safely enter and exit a motorway, navigating a motorway and exercising proper lane discipline, how to react during an emergency and more. If the thought of driving on a motorway gives you sweaty palms, you will definitely benefit from my help!

International Conversion

Learned to drive in a different country and need to show you’ve got what it takes to drive in the UK? Piece of cake! Whether it’s just a case of me checking that you’re a safe driver with good car control, or you need some additional help with certain aspects, I can make sure you’re fully prepared with the skills and knowledge required to successfully acquire your licence.

international conversion Farnborough
drive at 14 Farnborough

Drive At 14

I offer driving lessons for those as young as 14. These aren’t a novelty – they’re legitimate driving lessons which cover a wide range of aspects involved in learning how to drive properly and responsibly. The lessons take place in Cranleigh, Surrey at Dunsfold Park which contains an enclosed road network. This offers the opportunity to learn without the hazard of other vehicles being present. Whether it’s to start the driving education early or a unique gift, this is a fantastic experience that any 14 year old will love.

Gift Vouchers

A driving lesson gift voucher is the perfect present for those who are looking to begin their driving journey. The chance to hit the open road and embrace the freedom that driving provides is definitely going to be appreciated by the receiver. Gift vouchers are available for

any of the courses I offer and can be purchased for any number of hours, which can be used at the student’s discretion. They’re valid for a year so there is no pressure to use them immediately.


Driving School Farnborough

Rather than simply teaching what is required to pass the test, I believe in providing my students a full driving education. With a focus on developing the correct attitude towards driving, I am dedicated to producing skilled, responsible and knowledgeable road users. Throughout your time learning to drive with me you will have complete support at every step of the way.

I include a huge amount of additional resources free of charge to each of my students. This allows you to continue learning in your free time, with the freedom to focus on anything you may be struggling with without worrying about spending too much of your lesson discussing it. My YouTube channel contains videos which cover a whole host of aspects including specific driving skills, manoeuvres, overtaking, roundabouts and many other things that learner drivers may need a little extra help with.


Theory Test

When it comes to sitting your theory test my Theory Test Help videos are a valuable resource in helping you prepare. I will also cover the hazard perception part of the test to ensure you understand completely what it is and what type of knowledge you are expected to display in order to pass.


Practical Test

As you develop into a skilled driver the point will come that you are finally ready to book your practical test. In the lead up to you sitting your test we will do everything possible to prepare, including mock tests, driving previous test routes and focusing on any specific aspect you may feel are potential weaknesses. I have a very high pass rate and 95% of my students score on or above the national average pass score – there’s absolutely no reason that you can’t be one of them!


Driving Instructor Farnborough

As a leading driving instructor in Farnborough my knowledge of the area is second to none and I have huge experience in successfully teaching students how to become great drivers. Get in touch today to book your driving lessons.

“Would definitely recommend Gavin to anyone looking for an instructor. He is always patient and knows how to put you at ease during lessons and have a good time! His attention to detail with helpful documents that I used throughout were so, so helpful too. Couldn’t have passed first time without him!” – J. Stokes

“Definitely worth it. Got me my license quicker than I expected and made it enjoyable. Gavin clearly cares about his students as he has written so many documents for us to read when we’re not in the car and can continue learning. Don’t bother trying anyone else, learn with Gavin.” – J. Calnan


“100% recommend learning to drive with Gavin. He’s knowledgeable, a good instructor and an all round nice guy. Highly recommended! Thanks Gavin!” – A. Howells